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QCS Core Values

Right Relationship: We will seek to bring students into a proper relationship with God through evangelism and discipleship; and we will cultivate a Christian community in fellowship with God and with one another, respecting God’s creation and the authorities that God has placed over us.

Right Living: We will teach and follow the Word of God as our final authority and prayerfully seek direction from it, so that we may grow in wisdom and in Christ-likeness.

Right Attitude: We will commit to and lead our students in attitudes that value excellence, initiative, curiosity, service, compassion, and life-long learning.

Right Thinking: We will seek clarity of thinking, and teach students to think rationally, logically, creatively, critically, and with discernment.

Right Communication: We will seek to be effective communicators, and guide our students to be literate, coherent, and communicate effectively through speaking and writing.

Right Action: We will teach students to seek and apply God’s truth to their lives, thereby empowering them to live lives of integrity and good stewardship.

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