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Quisqueya Christian School, located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is considered one of the top English speaking Chrisitan schools in the country. Our three ­acre campus is located between the capital of Port-­au-­Prince and the residential suburb of Petion-ville.

Quisqueya Christian School is accredited by Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and AdvancED education. We are considered one of the top English speaking Christian schools in Haiti.  


Quisqueya (kiss­kay­uh’) Christian School was founded in 1974 by a group of missionary parents who wanted a Christian education for their children. The school began that fall with 35 students.


QCS now has approximately 200 students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarden through grade twelve. Class sizes vary from 20-25 students per grade.


Classes are based on a Western style curriculum including all core subjects. We follow a US system of education. The goal of QCS is to prepare students for college or university. Biblical integration is present in all academic classes.

Our Core Values

Right Relationship: We will seek to bring students into a proper relationship with God through evangelism and discipleship; and we will cultivate a Christian community in fellowship with God and with one another, respecting God’s creation and the authorities that God has placed over us.


Right Living: We will teach and follow the Word of God as our final authority and prayerfully seek direction from it, so that we may grow in wisdom and in Christ-likeness.


Right Attitude: We will commit to and lead our students in attitudes that value excellence, initiative, curiosity, service, compassion, and life-long learning.


Right Thinking: We will seek clarity of thinking, and teach students to think rationally, logically, creatively, critically, and with discernment.


Right Communication: We will seek to be effective communicators, and guide our students to be literate, coherent, and communicate effectively through speaking and writing.


Right Action: We will teach students to seek and apply God’s truth to their lives, thereby empowering them to live lives of integrity and good stewardship.

Our Vision

"To Prepare and equip students to transform their world for the glory of Jesus Christ."

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