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Greetings QCS Families,

I am so pleased to join you as your new Head of School. Education is a passion of mine and I am grateful, privileged, and honored to join this prestigious academic institution as its leader. Through God’s grace and our preparation, I am certain that we will thrive as an academic community.


I have spent several years preparing to serve you, first as a Substitute Teacher, then Spanish Teacher, and Upper School Principal in the United States. I have earned a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. I am currently a doctoral student and look forward to graduating soon. I have loved school since my first day and I am so glad to share my love for education as the school leader of Quisqueya Christian School.


We have a lot of work to do and we will do it well. Our theme for this year is, “Congruence, Consistency, Community: Serving with Singleness of Heart.” As a community, we will function with the kind of unity seen in Acts 2 when the Lord’s church was first formally organized. In this passage people from many different countries and regions came together in one place, learned to understand each other, and worked together with the help of the Holy Spirit. The result is a world forever changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that the same will happen at QCS. As we obey the Lord’s instructions, the Holy Spirit will help us to live and work together so that children leave our campus prepared to transform the world as leaders and preach the Gospel until all have heard.


Again, I am honored to join you in this great mission. I look forward to a successful school year and the realization of God’s promises and purposes for all of our students.


In service,


Natalie Witherspoon,

Head of School

Quisqueya Christian School

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